Student Project Folders

See our showcase below of student portfolio project folders, binders and presentation boxes for academic project, assignment and revisions.
Or make your very own project portfolio cover / folder online by choosing from 1 of the below options:

Portfolios Folder (screw-post or Hidden Hinges)
Ring Binder Folders
Portfolio Presentation Boxes

How to Present and Impress with Your Very Own Custom Portfolio Covers & Folders.

The beauty of a custom presentation portfolio covers is that they allow the student to showcase their own unique creativity and personality. Presenting your body of work by outline the history of the design process is essential. It allows the student to present their inspirations, improvements and showcase their skills which have been developed over time. First impressions can make a powerful statement.

Presentation Portfolio Covers Can Tell Your Story

When it comes to creating effective portfolio covers to showcase your individual body of work, FC portfolios online design template makes this process easy and will allow you to explore your creative skills.
The design template with allow you to create your very own portfolio folder which will be an investment in your future personal profile. Custom designing a high-quality portfolio has never been so easy to create and design. You can be as creative as you like, and you can even create your own artwork and personalize logo or emblem.

Setting New Standards in Student Portfolio Covers with Our Wide Range of Design Choices.

With our wide range of choices that has never been so affordable, you can now design your portfolio cover using our template online. Select from a range of options, these includes a choice of styles, materials, sizes, and embellishments, embossing, foils and more. You can also keep you student portfolio as a lifelong keep sake for later viewing with friends, family, peers. And, when required, it is also valuable to present at job interviews.