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How to create a student presentation portfolio

Top 7 Tips – For an inspirational school or college project.


  1. GUIDELINE It is essential that you obtain clear guidelines from teachers and professors.


  1. REVIEW CONTENT Once you have all the guideline requirement you can then review the content criteria which has been set by your teachers and the curriculum.


  1. OUTLINE THE KEY ELEMENTS. Once you have outlined the above 2 key elements. You can begin to compile your project content.


  1. REREAD & SHARE Now the creative process comes into play as you will need to think about what you would like to reread or share with your parents, peers and friends.


  1. INDIVIDUALITY Explore and create your individual perspective on the content.


  1. THE POWER OF COLORS Review and understand the importance of colors as this will add a further dimension to your overall presentation. You may need to keep within the guidelines. Pb Tre A3 Lnd 30 Rosa Vella Pw Fcp Front 1


7. PRESENTATION SHOWCASE Once you have outlined the above and completed your content, the next step is how you present your “body of work”. Think about how you would like to present and showcase your content and accomplishments. This is where your personalized portfolio folder will add that finishing touch to your projects.


Pb Tre A4 Lnd 30 De Rossee & Jorgen Pw Bottom View